Hydropower Engineering

Together with dams engineering, the design of hydropower plants has become another of the firm’s core activities

More than 30'000 MW designed

The firm’s first hydropower project was the Rio Grande pumping plant (750 MW)
in Argentina designed and built in the 1960s.
Over the past few years Studio Pietrangeli has realised several large projects becoming an Italian and International leader in the sector of hydroelectric engineering.

in operation

3000 MW

No. 5 hydropower plants in operation for a total of  3000 MW
under construction

8000 MW

No. 2 enormous hydropower plants under construction, totalling over 8000 MW
under design

4000 MW

No. 15 hydropower plants of all sizes under design for over 4000 MW
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Studio Pietrangeli offers its clients a full range of engineering consultancy services during design, construction, testing and operation of its plants. SP’s staff includes international consultants in the various engineering disciplines comprising civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, economists, environmental experts, etc.
Recently, the firm has become increasingly specialized in so-called “fast-track” projects, requiring a very short time
from conception of the idea to operation of the plant.
The special innovative techniques, required for these extremely fast designs, include intense use of the most up-to-date technologies such as satellite imagery, drones, laser scanning, helicopter surveys, surface geotechnics, and the like, for investigation purposes, combined with the vast experience and the sound engineering judgement of the firm’s senior engineers.

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