Company Profile


The history of Studio Pietrangeli starts in 1922 when Francesco Pietrangeli started his career as a hydraulic engineer.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Giorgio Pietrangeli continues this family tradition and in 1964 forms the company that we know to date. Starting in 1977 also his son, Antonio Pietrangeli, becomes part of the SP staff and to date is the managing partner.

International Organization

The company, in order to carry out its international projects of important hydraulic and civil works, makes also use of its branch offices located abroad, in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Tanzania and Kenya and is registered with major international credit institutions such as the World Bank, The African Bank for Development and the Commission of the European Economic Community.


Quality and Associations

The company is also registered with IQNET and SGS Quality Assurance in conformity with the ISO 9001:2008  Standards for Quality Management Systems (registration No. CH-21345-01) and it also is a supportive member of the International Commission of Large Dams  (ICOLD), and at the same time of the Association of Engineering, Architectural and Technical  Economic Consultanting Organizations (OICE).



Owing to the vast and specific experience of the company in large hydraulic works, in particular with regard to the design of dams and hydroelectrical plants, combined with  the extraordinary capacity for invention and use of innovative ideas,  the company to date possesses  numerous records in the field of engineering

- The world’s highest dam in RCC
-  The biggest hydroelectrical plant in Africa
-  Engineering services developed in a very short amount of time (Fast track)
-  Special foundations built with never before used material and techniques
-  Sealing of earth dams with mantles and/or special cores
These are a few examples of the know-how achieved to date by SP and its experts.


Studio Pietrangeli activities cover the following main sectors:
    Hydropower projects
   Large civil works (tunnels, roads, bridges, ports, etc.)
    Multipurpose water resource projects


• site investigations;
• project outlines;
• pre-feasibility studies;
• feasibility studies;
• environmental studies;
• preliminary designs;
• economic and financial analyses;


Always searching for innovation and improved design quality, we often partner with other companies that have the same expertise to promote high quality partnerships at international levels.
Participating in competitions and tenders together with proven experts is always a pleasure and a new thrilling  experience.


2007 – 5° International symposium on RCC Dams, Guiyang – CHINA
2008 – Cigre Session 42, Conference on large high-voltage electric system, Paris – FRANCE
2013 – 9° ICOLD European club symposium - Sharing Experience for Safe and Sustainable Water Storage, Venice – ITALY
2007–today - Annual Meeting HYDRO
2008–today - Annual Meeting ICOLD